There is a god; he's made of marshmallow

Friday, April 8th, 2011 will go down in history (well, down in my diary, aka The Skip-Raid) as one of the best days of my life. On Friday I was delivered a massive cardboard box at work. At the very same time (literally within minutes) I got a call from my apartment buzzer (it rings to my cell) that a mailman was at my front door trying to deliver a box to my house. And guess what was in those boxes? SWEET SWEET SUGARY PEEPS!!! I couldn't believe it. Never have total strangers brought me so much joy (the close second being the time a homeless guy called me beautiful. Me? Really? Here, take my wallet. My pin number is 3939).

So let's look at what I got, shall we? This first package was sent from 800 kilometers away in Odenton, Maryland by one of my favourite readers Abby. Abby sent me 2 boxes of purple Peeps, 2 boxes of green Peeps, a box of blue, and a box of orange. These are the colours you can't find in Canada; all we have are the yellow and pink Peeps. The minute after this picture was taken, the blue Peeps were torn open and devoured. There were two people eating them (me and my friend who generously helped me take pictures of the Peeps) but still...it was way too easy to put down 5 Peeps at once.

Abby also sent me a package of the chocolate mousse Peeps bunnies. I haven't opened these yet because several people at work have asked to try them, so I'm going to have a tasting on Monday. I'm just going to go ahead and assume they're FUCKING DELICIOUS (I'm probably not wrong). Thank you so so much Abby! Your Peeps made me so happy, and also made me look absolutely insane to those I work with. There were a few people who still have no idea why I received a large cardboard box of marshmallow Easter Peeps at work from a total stranger. Abby, I have never been to Maryland, but from what I understand you have a lot of crabs, seafood, summering Kennedys (yes?), the birthplace of John Waters, and The Wire. Thanks so much again. You're the best!

The next package was sent to me from a reader and fellow blogger who I truly admire, Renee. Renee lives in the great state of Arizona, so that means this Peep Package traveled more than 3500 kilometers to get to my house. Right now, a dozen Locavores just died. Anyways, this is how it looked when I opened the box:

ARE YOU SEEING THAT?!?!?!?!? Renee has two really adorable children and I have a feeling they drew this. But I shouldn't jump to conclusions - maybe Renee did this? In which case, good for you! In either case, I will be framing this and putting it up in my house (and, as my friends can attest, that's not just me being nice. This will actually go in a frame and up on a wall in my living room right next to the framed picture of a cat celebrating his birthday that my sister drew for me).

So let's put that picture aside for a second and see what Renee sent me. In the back is a tri-pack of blue Peeps. 15 Peeps? BALLIN! I think that's what Donald Trump buys. Then in the front is a collection of chocolate-dipped Peeps. Starting from L to R: Milk Chocolate-dipped Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate-dipped Original, Dark Chocolate-dipped Chocolate Mousse, and Milk Chocolate-dipped Original. I seriously almost cried when I saw this (I'm lying. I totally cried). And it took me about 0.2 seconds to tear into one of those chocolate-dipped mousse Peeps.

I tried the Dark Chocolate-dipped one first. In the words of my friend Lauren: "That Peep looks like a poop". It didn't taste like a poop though; it tasted amazing. Chocolate marshmallow is such a nuanced flavour, and the addition of the dark chocolate was a surprise that was appreciated. Listen to me; I'm like a white-trash Anthony Bourdain. But honestly, this was a lovely little snack. I later tried the Milk Chocolate-dipped Original (at Breakfast, natch) and it was also very pleasant. I like that they come in packages of two. It's nice to share. "Would you like one?" I'm going to make lots of friends this week. So thank you so much Renee! Your Peep Package was just fantastic. Renee, one day I hope to go to Arizona so that I can learn more about it. Right now all I know is that it's hot, it's a desert State, there are lots of Native Americans and Mexican-Americans, it's one of the 4-corner States, and that you guys own one of my favourite Canadians, Steve Nash. Anyways, thanks again. This package made me smile.

That's it for now! I'll keep you updated if I get more Peeps! And to all my readers who have a crippling gambling addiction, now is the time to start taking bets as to how soon I'll develop Diabeetus. Play at home! Right now "Sometime in June" has even-odds. Check with your local Vegas bookie for more information.

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Abby said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you liked them and that they make you hate the Peeps anti-Canadian agenda we've got going on here just a little bit less.