The last Peeps post till Easter 2012 (that sounds menacing)

Okay, so I have been sitting on this post for a long-ass time and I have finally decided to post it. It's not that it's not good, it's just that I have been waiting for the right time. The right time is apparently following a "Where are they now" post about Boy Meets World. Nannyways, one of my favourite, favourite readers is named Erin and she's from Alexandria, Virginia. Before Easter, Erin drove from Virginia to Washington DC to visit the only stand-alone Peeps store in the world. Note: I just Google mapped the trip, and it's apparently only 20 minutes. I keep forgetting that in the US you can hop from State to State in a matter of hours, whereas in Canada, in order to get from one Province to another you need to literally pack a lunch or board a plane. Case in point: I have been to 2 of Canada's provinces (one of which is the one I live in). However, I have been to about 1/3 of the American States (but let's face it; that's mostly because States have sawmill gravy and Provinces have...giant nickles? Balls of twine?)

So Erin took a shitload of pictures and sent them to me, and I then thought "why the hell doesn't she write about it?!? She actually got to go, so she's basically an expert. Give her a Doctorate degree! Let her teach a class at Harvard on American Confections and the Cultural Impact of. Give her the key to the city! MAKE HER A GOD AMONG MEN!" So here is what Erin wrote about the Peep store in Washington. Take it away, lady!

Here are the facts: the Peeps & Company store is located in the National Harbor, right outside of D.C., on the Potomac River. It’s the first store of its kind, and it also features Hot Tamales and Mike & Ikes (and apparently Peanut Chews, but I didn’t even see those), but no one who visits the store really gives a shit about those candies. It’s all about the Peeps! Just for reference, the D.C. National Harbor is a new, somewhat swanky area of shops/restaurants on the Potomac river, and is apparently owned by Disney (you can tell too). It's the only store of its kind in the U.S., and I'm assuming the world. I went on a crappy Saturday morning, which ended up being the perfect time because it wasn’t crowded. The store seems to thrive on absurdity, which is evident when you walk up and see the yellow VW bug with a gigantic Peep on the top. Even the door handles to get in the store are peep-shaped.

The store itself isn’t that large, but they really know how to cram as much ridiculous merchandise in it as possible. 80% of the floor space is dedicated to Peep paraphernalia and the hot tamales/Mike & Ikes jurisdictions are shamelessly shoved against the walls. The employees were mostly youngish people who had the familiar kill-me-now look but had to be friendly anyway. They handed out free samples of Peepsters (milk or dark chocolate candies filled with marshmallow cream – delish!) when we walked in.

As you can see in the pictures, the variety of merchandise included, and was not limited to: onesies, boxers, t-shirts with all sorts of dumb slogans (chillin’ with my peeps, inside we’re all the same, etc.), peep-scented candles, various peep-themed books, a peep coloring kit (I got excited because I thought it was to color actual peeps, but it’s actually just a coloring kit with peeps on the box/crayons), golf-club heads, fine china, all sorts of office supplies, lunch bags, coolers, stuffed animal peeps of all sizes, etc. My favorite merchandise incorporated the D.C. location – some boxes of peeps randomly had the American flag on them with “D.C.” stamped on the side. Nice touch, Peeps & Company.

Some of the merchandise was situated on these displays, and depending on what candy it was associated with it, there was a giant plastic version of that candy at the top. So most of them had plastic peeps, but then you got to the poor Mike & Ikes. They had a giant Mike & Ike, but really it just looked like a suppository. I felt kind of bad for them, and you could tell the employees did too because one of them was trying to get my friend and I to appreciate the “awesome floor” that was in front of the Hot Tamales section (it had gel underneath the tiles that moved when you stepped on it, and I have no idea what the hell that has to do with Hot Tamales).

The best part, though, was the music. They actually played songs having to do with the candies. The peeps song was obviously the one they spent the most time on, and it didn’t disappoint. Some lady was singing “PEEPS! PEEPS!” and she also spelled it out, just for reference, I guess.

Overall, I had a great time, and I can’t wait to go back for every holiday to stock up on more peeps. Also, apparently there’s a person who walks around in a giant peep costume on certain days, so I obviously want to witness that.


April said...

What an honour for my dear friend Erin!

A thorough report. I may even have a new goal to be a Peeps Soundtrack songwriter.

Does this mean our debt for the Disney Dole Whip referral is paid? I'm sure we owe something for that... so pineapply good..

Abby said...

Wait...WTF??? I live 30 minutes from there and I've never even heard of that fricking place! Oh sure, NOW it all comes out. DAMMIT.