What's it like to celebrate Hallowe'en with kids?

So, tonight is one of my favourite days of the year. I spent two nights this weekend in a home-made squirrel costume, watched 6 Treehouse of Horrors, made both pumpkin and spiderweb cupcakes for work, ate tons of pumpkin and caramel flavoured-things, and have gorged myself on candy (and it's only Monday morning). Tonight I'll eat pizza and watch John Carpenter's Halloween and fall asleep to The Shining. So excited. But my night might be much more different from yours if you have kids. Since I don't have any kids (that I know of! Hey-o! Wait, that jokes doesn't make sense if you're a girl...) I don't know what it's like to get excited with your kids, hand out candy, carve a pumpkin you'll be terrified will end up smashed against your house, the constant fear that teenagers will egg your car, and the inevitable sorting of candy from possible razor-blade-laced apples when your kid dumps their pillowcase of treats all over the floor. So I thought I'd ask someone with kids what it's like. When I was growing up, my best friend Marina lived down the street from me and her parents loved Hallowe'en as much as mine did. She moved way up north when we were 10 and I haven't seen her since (unless Facebook counts). But she is a regular reader/commented of The Skip-Raid, and she's got a good sense of humor, so I thought I'd ask her what it's like to celebrate Hallowe'en with children. Marina and her husband have two kids: Randy, who's in school, and Nala who is 3. We chatted over email about what her kids will be dressed up as, who gives out the candy, babies with goiters, and one of our old neighbors who might be in prison or dead. Let's learn about Hallowe'en, shall we?!?

1. What are your kids going as for Halloween?
Randy wants to be Mario, but it’s near impossible to find overalls for him, and Nala is going to be a pirate.

2. If they had no say in it whatsoever, and you didn't have to worry about judgey mommies, what would you dress them as?
Hmm... that’s hard. I really pushed for Randy to be Inspector Gadget but I couldn't get him to go for it. I had it planned so well in my head. I also tried to talk him into this ridiculous looking Pikachu costume, but he wouldn't go for that either!

3. What's Halloween like in your neighborhood?

KIDS EVERYWHERE. And they don't even friggin say trick or treat anymore so when they don't we just open the door and give them blank stares... its awesome

4. Do you guys carve pumpkins?


5. Do you make pumpkin seeds in the oven? Do your kids eat them? I used to annihilate those when my dad made them.

Yes, I make 2 kinds though, seasoning salt, and then seasoning salt mixed with chili powder, it's really good. One year I burnt them though so that was a bummer, and it also sucks when you hardly get any seeds out of a pumpkin!

6. What kind of candy do you guys give out?
Usually chocolate and those Maynard candy thingies, like sour patch kids and Swedish berries. And then a bag of live saver suckers or something

7. Who stays home and who takes the kids out?
We used to do one side of the street each, but now I make him do the walking and I hunker down at the end of my driveway with blankets and tea.

8. When they bring home their candy, what's the weirdest/lamest stuff they've ever gotten?
Peanuts in the shell... no one wants that! Oh and he did get a fortune cookie one time too. My neighbor gives out glow sticks, which are maybe lame to older kids, but the smaller ones love it. Last year some lady contacted the online newspaper in our city and reported after eating a candy from our neighborhood she was foaming at the mouth. That was freaky, until police investigated and it had nothing to do with the candy she ate. I guess she was just foaming.

9. Do you ever take out the crap and give it out to other kids? My dad used to do that. I feel like kids knew that by 8pm, my house was exclusively giving out small shitty gumballs.
HAHAH yes! One year though, when we just moved here, my husband panicked about it, ran to the corner store and got full sized chocolate bars and those airhead candy things... and we got like 2 kids after that. And he got Oh Henry bars, and I don't even like those, so it was stupid.

10. You let the kids keep the cans of pop?
Yeah, why wouldn't I? Now you have me thinking about it!

11. Do kids still do Unicef?
I've only seen one kid with a box.

12. Do you keep money out for Unicef, or do you just tell them you do don't that stuff?

I'd give it I guess, depending on the looks of the kid. Haha, that’s terrible, but really I would. I remember people used to have a candy dish, and a penny dish at the door!

13. How do you decorate your house: super scary or just theme-y?


14. Is there is a house in the neighborhood that does it up really crazy?

Not in this neighborhood, but the neighborhood I grew up in there was a man who went all out, until teenagers ruined it one too many times and he got mad and never did it again.

15. Do you remember the Hallowe'en that we were trick or treating together (this is going waaaay back) and there was that house around the corner from yours that was the same model as your house (it was right near Brandon Rozer - holy shit, remember him? I think he's dead or in jail now) and their dad used to answer the door dressed like Frankenstein? I totally lost my shit. I think Amber was there too. Like, I remember freaking the fuck out and just running.
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA yessssss! OMG, well first of all, Brandon Rozer - I do remember and I used to have him on Facebook. The ONLY reason I remember him, is because I believe that my first time hearing a racist comment was from him. He said, "My dad says all Germans have square heads." And I pictured that FOREVER. I bring it up probably once a month. He also told everyone his middle name was Rad. As for Frankenstein, I believe the one kids name was also Randy, and he had a lisp. Not sure if its the right house but I do remember being terrified of the Frankenstein man. Oh, remember that guy Kade who lived behind you almost and got stung in the neck by a bee so that Ellen woman who had the baby with a hernia stuck half an onion on it? Hahaha I hope you do. That Ellen woman was crazy by the way.
*Note from The Mayor: the Frankenstein dad wasn’t Randy-with-a-lisp’s Dad, it was someone else. But I will mention that I had a major crush on Randy-with-a-lisp when I was 7. Oh, and it wasn't just a lisp, it was also a crazy speech impediment. What? Exactly.

16. Tell me about some of your Halloween costumes from when you were a kid.
Ok, That is a huge difference from me to my kids. I buy my kids their costumes. The majority of mine were made by my mom, and she would make all 3 of ours! I have been a witch, clown, bride, baby (ew) scarecrow, hiker (?) umm... I can't remember any good ones that I was. My sister had good ones, like Tasmanian devil, ninja turtles and Simba.

17. You have cats, right?

Gizmo and Soup are the kitties.

18. Do you dress up the cats?

I tried one year to make Soupy a Tinkerbell costume but she hated it and the wings wouldn't stay straight when she walked

19. Do your kids just lose it when they get all their candy home? Do you have a hard time putting them to bed?

They go to bed ok, and don't really lose it the way I remember being insane. I sorted it all by type and sat there all goo goo eyed. Maybe they will get that this year? Although Randy caught Nala eating rockets the other day from last Halloween that she found in the cupboard and absolutely went bat shit crazy about how he was saving it because it was "lucky candy."

20. Do you enforce the winter coat rule, or do you let them walk around in their costumes, the whole while they're promising you they're "not cold at all".
Yeah, they usually wear snowpants, hat, mitts and coats. It’s freezing out there!

21. Where do you buy your Halloween candy?
Usually Walmart in Michigan, the have better stuff and its not 50 dollars for 5 candies. I hate how expensive it is!

22. What's your favourite sandwich?
CLUB!!! I tried a Ruben last time I was in Michigan and it was SO bad! I also got a chicken fried steak and that was weird too.

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Mumma D said...

Hi Marina!

Loved this Hallowe'en post about you and your family :) Hope Randy and Nala have fun tonight collecting candy....especially rockets for Randy!lol Please say hi to your Mom and Dad for me :)

p.s. Mayor...please post a pic of your squirrel costume!