I tried something new! Pt. 1

Since my diet leading up to 2012 was basically this:

...I decided it was in my best interest to expand my palate and try some new foods. I went over a list of foods I've never tried with my friends and they were mostly astonished to know I'd never eaten things as basic as margarine. Alright, so here we go. This week I tried 3 new foods. Have at it!

New Food: MANGO
Tried it at: A restaurant
Thoughts: I went out for vegetarian Thai food with two of my friends, and they convinced me to try mango in salad form first. I've heard from some people that mango on its own can taste woody or dirty, so dousing it in vinegar and mixing in onions seems like a good idea. This was actually really good. I've tried mango-flavoured candy before, and this is not the same. At all. Then again, it would be like comparing prosciutto-wrapped melon to Sour Watermelon candies. Mango tasted kind of like fruity cabbage. It was crunchy and juicy and tasted good with the onions and carrots.
Overall Rating: I liked it! I'd eat it again. I'm very afraid to try it on its own though; I've been tricked by foods covered in vinegar before. You ever tried pickles without vinegar? THEY'RE SO PLAIN!

New Food: BOK CHOY
Tried it at: My house
Thoughts: Bok choy was...something. I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought it might taste like spinach, but it was more like celery. It was plain and stringy. I know it's good for me (it's got fibre, right?) but for the most part I was unimpressed. I think it's one of those foods people eat because it's healthy (like spinach) and not because it's delicious (like candy or cheese). The only thing that was really hard about bok choy was knowing how to eat it. Do you eat it plain? Do you put it in stuff? I decided to put it in soup (but more on that later).

Overall Rating: It's okay. I'll probably eat it again because it's super cheap and I know it's something my doctor would probably tell me to eat. Update! I found out it's low in fibre, but very high in Vitamin K (aka Who cares, what does that shit do?)

Tried it at: My house
Thoughts: For a very long time I refused to eat miso soup. It looked gross, it had tofu, I thought it would make me barf (I was convinced it was liquid MSG). Finally I tried it and really liked it, but it was super mysterious to me. How was it made? What made it salty? Why is it good? What is umami? So I've only had miso soup a handful of times, but I know I liked it. I decided that it was time I bought miso paste from the Japanese grocery store and see if I couldn't make soup at home. It is absolutely the easiest shit I've ever made. You throw a spoonful of paste into boiling water and stir. THAT'S IT. Add whatever you want to it, and you have soup. It is seriously my new favourite thing in the world. I bought miso paste last weekend and I've made soup 4 times in less than a week. This soup also has tiny Japanese noodles in it - something I've also avoided for nearly 30 years (because I don't like the texture of noodles that are both smaller than and larger than spaghetti noodles. I'm too picky). I didn't include them in this list though because - really - a noodle is a noodle (except for soba noodles, which still look like they were invented to make me gag). In case you're wondering what's in this mess: miso paste, noodles, bok choy (represent) and a poached egg.

Overall Rating: I LOVED it! I plan on incorporating miso paste into my weekly diet. Next up: putting it on fish (oh, this has FAIL written all over it).

So there it is. I tried 3 new things and none of them totally grossed me out. I'm starting to think trying new foods was a good idea. Well, I say that now, but wait till we get to like Part 3 and I'll be dry heaving all over my computer.

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