Some of my favourite episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It is my knowledge that some people have never seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not entirely sure why this is; it's terrific. I thought I'd think about some of my favourite episodes and tell you about them. PS - just so you know, this is a terribly lazy post. I've always wanted to write about It's Always Sunny, but halfway through this post I realized that it's much better to just watch every episode and see for yourself how good it is. Reading about it isn't as good. Well, maybe this is one to save for when you need to spend 6 hours in a hospital waiting room? Yeah, I'd say so. Enjoy!

10. The Gang Gets Racist (aka the gay bar episode)
I am a huge television junkie; if I could give a back-alley hj for it and cook it on a filthy spoon in a derelict flophouse, I would. But something I never, EVER do is watch the pilot episode of a television show. I feel pilots don't accurately reflect the show's characters and themes. There's usually far too much exposition. So I while I have seen every episode of The Sopranos, Parks and Recreation, and Strangers with Candy, I have never seen their respective pilots. However, one I have seen, and loved, was "The Gang Gets Racist". One caveat, though. By no means would I consider this to be the 10th best episode of the series; I include it on this list because it is the only pilot episode of a show that doesn't deviate too severely from the rest of the series. I think it's a great example of a pilot working well on its own, and at the same time introducing you to every character without the typical "this is ___ and he likes a, b, and c. This is ____ and they have a ____ addiction. Next week we'll get into some plot, trust us, but for now please enjoy the television equivalent of a Facebook profile". So here's the episode: the gang wants to drum up some new customers for the bar. Dee is dating a guy who can make this happen, so Paddy's Pub becomes the most popular bar in Philly overnight. At the same time, Charlie wants to prove to his crush that he's not racist, so he starts dating a black girl. The girl finds out she's being used, Charlie looks like a racist, the pub turns out to be popular only because people think its a gay bar, Dennis acts gay to make more money that Dee, Dennis gets blackout drunk and has sex with a dude. You know, typical pilot material.

9. Who Pooped the Bed? (aka the one where Dee runs head-first into a parked car)
Season 4, Episode 7
The argument that girls aren't as funny as guys isn't just repetitive, it's also very very true. I know, I'm sorry! But really, if you take away girls talking in baby voices about abortions and rape jokes (Sarah Silverman, I'm looking in your direction...) you really don't have as much to work with as guys do. This is why I love this episode. While the main story is Dennis and Mac trying to figure out who pooped Charlie and Frank's bed, the B-story is that Dee wants to form her own Sex and the City-style group. It's supposed to be the supporting story, but to me, it is much funnier (that says a lot too, cause I love poo jokes). And for those of you who've seen this episode, you know that the best part is easily when Dee bolts from the boutique and runs head-first into the parked car. I have a feeling that's the most re-watched scene in all 7 seasons.
Oh, and as to who pooped the bed? Spoiler alert: It was Frank.

8. Hundred Dollar Baby (aka Dee's moustache)
Season 2, Episode 5
I never saw Million Dollar Baby, but it doesn't mean I can't come into this episode and know what's going on. Everyone on It's Always Sunny interacts well with each other as a group (doye - it's an ensemble show) but sometimes we get cute little one-on-one stories, this time with Frank and Dee. Dee gets into boxing, Frank sees an opportunity to exploit this, Dee begins taking steroids to compete against one of Frank's rivals, Dee gets a moustache, Dee gets far too aggressive, Dee tells Frank "I'm going to paralyze this bitch." The B story is good too - Mac and Dennis get Charlie into street fighting - but it's Dee on crazy amounts of drugs that really makes this episode worth watching (and hearing someone describe her as looking like "a Holocaust victim in pageant makeup"). 

7. The Nightman Cometh (aka The Play!!)
Season 4, Episode 13
After much talk and lead up to the gang getting in to music and Nightman and everything, we FINALLY get to see the opus that is The Nightman Cometh. The first introduction of Nightman might be one of the best episodes (more about that later), so I was suspicious of a whole episode dedicated to Charlie's super scary creation, Nightman. Holy shit. The musical is great. I love that after this episode aired, Charlie, Dee, Mac, and Charlie went on the road and put on The Nightman Cometh in real life and it was crazy successful. I would have loved to have seen that, but moving on. The best part is the ending. I actually don't want to talk about this episode anymore because there is no way to describe it than saying that the ending is one of my favourite endings on any show EVER.

6. The Gang Gets Invincible (aka the one with Green Man)
Season 3, Episode 2
Mac and Dennis try out for the Philadelphia Eagles during a fake tryout day. They are convinced it's real and that they will make the team. Dee puts on a shitty moustache and also tries out. Charlie puts on a lime-green spandex onesie, thus marking the first time we see Green Man. Frank gets high on acid. The McPoyles show up.  I love this episode.

5. The Gang Wrestles for the Troops (aka the one with Roddy Piper)
Season 5, Episode 7
If you hate wrestling, move on, because this episode will not be something you'll like. It's all about wrestling. Rowdy Roddy Piper is in it (he plays a crazy so well, I certainly hope we see him again). I'm getting lazy with my descriptions, so let's just let this picture tell you the whole story:

Yep! That's it! They've drawn on abs. Go watch this episode now (also it's a good Artemis episode).

4a. The Gang Buys a Boat (aka the P Diddy shrimping boat)
Season 6, Episode 3
 4b. Mac and Charlie Die, Pt. 1&2 (aka The Duster)
Season 4, Episodes 5&6
Two-fer! I tied these two because I wasn't sure which one I like better. Mac and Charlie Die is a really good two-part episode. It's not the best, but I didn't want to leave it off this list, because there are some really good parts: the duster, the sex party, Dee riding the bus. Mac's Dad. Paddy's Glory Hole. So it stays on the list.
The Gang buying a boat is the best episode from the 6th season, but it's rated underneath Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth (see below) for one reason and one reason only (spoiler alert: it's not a great reason, but whatever). So Dennis and Mac want to buy a boat, and obviously they buy the world's shittiest boat. They get Charlie and Dee and Frank to clean it up for them. Obviously they do the world's shittiest job. Dennis talks about the reason why he wants a boat; Mac is sure he's confessing a crime to him. Dee dances like those inflatable windsocks you see at used car lots.

3. Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth (aka the one with Lethal Weapon 5)
Season 6, Episode 9
All you need to know about this episode is that Mac and Dennis film a sequel to Lethal Weapon and it is INCREDIBLE. 

2. Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person (aka the Nightman episode)
Season 3, Episode 9
On the whole, the idea of Dee dating someone that she's constantly trying to prove is/isn't retarded is great. The cut between the first scene and the title card is the best one of the whole series. However, it's the introduction to Charlie's creation Nightman and Dayman and The Gang starting a rock-and-roll band that makes this episode one of the tightest, funniest episodes of television I have ever seen. Dennis and Charlie and Mac decided to start a band (why no, after all - Dee's retarded boyfriend is a musician) and it's obviously going to be just terrible. I love where everyone goes when they think of stage personas. I love that no one is good at music. I love the name The Pecan Sandies. But there is nothing greater than the scene where Charlie is sitting on his couch in his long-johns with silver spray paint all over his face, singing the song he wrote, while Dennis sings along and quietly removes the can from his hand, shaking his head "No". I have watched that scene more times than I can count. Almost every day I say "What isssssss....going on here". Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

1. The Gang Reignites the Rivalry (aka the one about Flipadelphia)
Season 5, Episode 12
Not many people would put Flipadelphia first. I'm okay with that.  The thing that I like the most about this episode is how they're always willing to keep the characters so terrible that they're willing to almost kill one of the gang to make a point. Case study: Years prior, The Gang is kicked out of an annual flip cup tournament. The ban is finally lifted, so they request a showdown with their rival bar (which is now a fancy wine establishment). They proceed to move on to a frat house instead and challenge them to flip cup. Someone gets poisoned. That's all I'm saying. It's terrific.


SJM said...

You are absolutely crazy for leaving off Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare and Bums, Making a Mess All Over the City. Really - who does not adore a junkyard cat?

The Mayor said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Look, it's difficult - there are a million episodes I missed. The bum episode is great, and I totally left off The D.E.N.N.I.S. Method (one of my favourites) or when Dennis gets married? jesus, I could go on and on about this show.

krys said...

i'd put flipadelphia as #1 too...or maybe a tie with the D.E.N.N.I.S. method, such a big decision.

Renee said...

I don't go a week without singing "Flip Flip Flip a delphia"