Dobermans *might* not be Satan's Dog

So remember last week how I referred to a Doberman Pinscher as "Satan's dog"? Yeah, I remember too. Thanks to anti-Doberman propaganda like UP! we've all been conditioned to believe that if you encounter a Doberman, you're pretty much screwed and you should write your will asap. Anyways, in the past when I've talked shit about dog breeds (ahem - Pitbulls) I would usually end up with a shitstorm of hate mail (from - ahem - Pitbull owners). What can you do, you know? I guess the minute you buy a certain breed of dog you give up your sense of humor. So I knew that someone, somewhere would probably read what I wrote about Dobermans or Dalmatians and think "THAT. FUCKING. IGNORANT. BITCH. I am going to leave SUCH a comment on their blog to teach them a lesson." And that's fine  - I like reading ranty, poorly-edited comments and emails. It brightens my day. So when I finally received an email about referring to a dog as Satan's Dog, I was pleasantly surprised that it said this:

I own a Doberman and laughed when you called them Satan's dogs. Mine doesn't have her ears done so she doesn't look so scary. I think they should all have floppy ears. But they are Satan's dogs. They're assholes!! Stubborn, hyper, and my dog is a life support system for her gut. She is good for scaring the junkies next door but if you owned one of these dogs you'd see what suckies they really are. Never had a more clingy dog in my life.

Oh boy, that was a nice email! It made my day! I love when people can laugh at their pets. Then my day got a million times better when she SENT ME A PICTURE OF SATAN'S DOG. Her name is Meadow, by the way. Meadow!

Are you looking at this cute-pie?? This is a far cry from Alpha. Meadow's owner also told me she has a picture of her in a Cone of Shame too. WHAT?!!? I'm such a sucker for dogs in cones. I asked Meadow's owner if I could post her picture online and she told me to because "her Gramma will be proud to show her friends". OH MY GOD, I'M DYING!!! I love the idea of some lady with pictures of a dressed-up Doberman on her fridge or telling her friends about how obedience school is going for her "Granddoggy". Holy crap, pets are the best, right? I honestly can't think of anything better than a dog or a cat right now.

So there you go. This dog is adorable and I love her and I wish I could hug it. If you have a dog or a cat, go hug it for me right now!!! I promise I'll reward you handsomely (I'm going to 'Murrica this weekend, which means...ANOTHER AMERICAN FOOD POST!!! It's been too long).
Happy Friday, everyone.


Kaisu said...

I am Meadow's Gramma.. and I love her. She is sooooo sweet. Thank you for making my day.


Renee said...

The best dog in the world in Meadow.

Monologue Mommy said...

I would just like to state, for the record, that I have a basset hound, and he IS Satan's Dog. No doubt about it. We laugh and call him Cujo when he is in a foul mood because that is EXACTLY who he resembles. Unfortunately I have no pictures of him as Cujo because he would have likely ripped me to shreds before I could snap a decent shot.