The first Easter Peeps of 2012!

Hey everyone! So as you know by my last post, I was in 'Murrica just a short while ago. I bought many delicious food stuffs, mostly candy. But one thing in particular I was saving till I could get good and ready to review it! And that thing is...drumroll please...

The Peeps Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treat! Now available at finer stores near you (laughs laughs, wipes tears from eyes, I think I bought this one at a gas station or a Walgreens. Actually, scratch that. I bought this adorable, puffy, rice-and-marshmallow-filled bunny at CVS). Luckily I'm going to 'Murrica again this weekend, because there are so many wonderful Easter candy offerings on the market right now. As you all know, I follow the Peep product line like Davy Jones followed Whitney up to Heaven (Too soon? Not soon enough? Not relevant? Exactly). I receive weekly emails from the good people at JustBorn and Peeps and eagerly anticipate what they'll do each Easter season to thrill those of us who wait like good children for the eve that Zombie Jesus emerges from the tomb. Last year I was very impressed with one food stuff in particular: the Peeps chocolate-covered marshmallow chick. They came in milk and dark varieties, and the inside marshmallow was a soft, smooth yellow lump. I was just astounded at how yummy they were. I will definitely be going back to buy more, since we STILL don't have those in Canada. I won't, however, be buying any Original Recipe chicks, since I still have TWO FULL BOXES of Christmas Trees and Snowmen left over from Christmas. I should get to those first (This just in! Your ass says you really don't need them).

Okay, so here is what I saw when I opened the mylar package. I knew it was going to be blue, but this is some bright Nicki Minaj wig blue. Like, bright bright. I was sure that Victorian-era street urchins would look at me and go "Eer ya go mum, lemme try that for ya. And whiles I'm at it, you want me to go into the mine and see if the canary is still alive?" I have neon nail polish that looks at this and goes "SLOW DOWN, YOU'RE JUST CANDY". Also I love that it is in no way shaped like a bunny. Maybe the shape of the bunny at the end of Fatal Attraction, but no bunnies I've ever seen. So in the event you're still looking at this and thinking to yourself "Wait, so this is a mass-produced consumer item?" I'll describe what we're looking at. It's a crispy rice bunny held together with turquoise marshmallow-sugar-syrup, sprinkled with bunny-shaped candy sprinkles. HAPPY EASTER?


It's not tremendously large; it's a decent sized serving, akin to a large Rice Krispy square (oh, there's a Canadian thing! In 'Murrica, you usually call them "Rice Krispy Treats" or "Crispy Rice Treats" or Marshmallow Treats" but in Canada, we ALWAYS call them Rice Krispy Squares. Always. Doesn't matter the brand of crispy rice, or what cereal is used. If I use Golden Grahams, I still call them "Rice Krispy Squares with Golden Grahams". The more you know!) When I bit into it, I was fully expecting a stale, puffy, crunchy mouthful. Instead it was soft, sticky, pulled apart easily, easy to chew. This was very fresh - it tasted like my mom just made it (although my mother would be dissgrossted if I ever suggested she make these). 


Lastly, I need to describe what these tasted like. I was ready to barf. I tried it near my kitchen sink. I like gross things, but not gross food. I have a very limited palate. Eh, not really when it comes to candy though. I'll eat most anything. Anyways, I was sure I wasn't going to like this. It smelled extremely artificial, like a birthday cake factory explosion. And yet it tasted like...vanilla? Sprinkles? It was good! I ate it all, and have been contemplating going to a drug store/Target and buying another (or 10). I really liked it. It's not Peeps by any stretch of the imagination, but it was delicious and marshmallowy and artifical and candy-like. Look, we'll put it this way: I fully expected to hate the Peeps Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treat, it turned out to be good, and I thought I'd be head-over-heels in love with Birthday Cake-flavoured Oreos, and I just about spat those into the trash. SO GROSS. They were like an oily birthday cake discharge. It was the food equivalent to Rihanna and Chris Brown's vocal masterpiece Birthday Cake. Point is, don't buy them if you like your tooth enamel, because all of it will be gone about 4-6 minutes after eating Birthday Cake Oreos.

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wow you have alot of spare time on your hands how i even got to your page i don't know!?