I'm back! For a bit...

Hey you guys! I know that the last time I was here was in August (can you EVEN believe it?!? Yes, you can, because I am lay-zay) but I'm back, temporarily. I know I let The Skip-Raid slow a bit, but it's only because I got mondo-busy and needed to put something on the back burner to simmer away until all the pieces stick to the bottom and the kitchen smells like burnt rice. And here we are! Regardless, here is some stuff you can get into while I get back into it.

I recently wrote a piece for Villain about the Oscars, or rather what I thought I knew about the Oscars. All-in-all, it's nothing more than a platform for me to express how much I despise Anne Hathaway. You'll enjoy it, I promise.

I've been recording a live show called Pitchcast at Toronto's Comedy Bar. If you can't make it to Toronto (which, really, why would you?) you can download it in the iTunes store. It's called Pitchcast with Paul Beer and Richard Sibblies. It's a lot of fun and you might learn a thing or two about film! Just kidding, it's rude and there's lots of yelling and we all get very competitive. But it's fun! Guh'ead, download till your little heart's content.

And, when in doubt, if you need Tumblr gifs in your life, make your way over to my Tumblr which is updated a lot and usually has pretty funny things.

See you real soon!

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fungus said...

<3 We missed you!!! <3