More Mad Men!

It's that time again! I've written another Mad Men recap of this week's episode "The Flood". You can read it here! Fun fact - my sister told me that the last time I linked to a Villain article, I put the wrong web address in, and it took people to a Toronto restaurant called Thai Princess. Look, maybe it was a careless mistake. But maybe it was completely intentional. Can you blame me? Thai Princess has been serving the greater metropolitan Toronto area for nearly 20 years now with its delightful combination of fresh ingredients and quality service. Thai-it today! You can Thai to resist it, but you won't last long! Thai as you might, you'll never find a finer-tasting Thai! I'm Thai-ing really hard to think of more Thai puns, but it's not happening. And no, I won't resort to Bangkok lady-boy jokes! I'm too classy and demure.

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